ColorsTCG Status Page

Playing since July 2024

The section of my website dedicated to the ColorsTCG game, where I'll showcase all of my cards, masteries, general info, and the like. You're also free to request to trade with me if I have a card you want or need, as long as it is a card in my fodder section. I'm hoping to complete my collection(s) as well, so don't hesitate to reach out! There is also a dedicated Dreamwidth post specifically for trading inquiries on my profile if you're interested in anything.

Level: Red


All developing and completed collections will be found here.

Currently developing: Sefirot (8/20) / Azran (7/20) / Fixer (2/20) / Nightmares (4/20) / Wuthering (2/20)

Future Decks




Feel free to trade for any of these!


Cards that I am saving for decks (will be moved to collections when I have more than 1 of any of these cards).

Activity Logs

2024/7/14: Exchanged Blue Crayons 02 / Brown Crayons 02 / Purple Crayons 02 for sefirot05,09 / wuthering08,11 / nightmares02,04 (art shop)

2024/7/12: Obtained Sefirot20 / Fixer07 / Nightmares19 / Moped20 (gift from heartsfate)

2024/7/12: Obtained Fixer20 / Nightmares16 / Sefirot01 (gift from koinuko)

2024/7/11: Obtained Sefirot13,19 / Red Crayons 02 / Orange Crayons 02 / Yellow Crayons 02 / Green Crayons 02 / Blue Crayons 02 / Purple Crayons 02 / Brown Crayons 02 / Gray Crayons 02 (gift from admiral)

2024/7/11: Obtained Azran06,18,19 (gift from byakkun)

2024/7/10: Obtained Azran03,04,12,17 (gift from scblakdrgon)

2024/7/8: Obtained Sefirot02,10 / No16 / 2-a12 / Champions14 / Guilty Cross05 / Melon Patch04 / Retaliate16 / Horatio14 / Relic Song15

2024/7/8: Joined ColorsTCG